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Magic and The New Moon - Deep Within the Sea Witch's Grotto [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Merwyn Fae Stormwarden

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Magic and The New Moon [Jun. 6th, 2005|04:19 pm]
Merwyn Fae Stormwarden
I think I'm getting better- more in tune with myself, my history, my magic.

I don't have a lot of tools, but really I don't feel like that is all that necessary. I've got it honestly. Just yesterday I talked with my Granny Winnie, and she told me a story about her grandmother, and what she used to do. They used to bring children from all over to her, so she could cure their thrush mouth (oral thrush, basically a nasty oral yeast infection). She would take them on a walk down a path, and no one knew what she did, but when she brought the child back they would be cured. No more thrush mouth. My Granny said that she never told anyone except her (my Granny's) brother, and the secret died with him. She wishes she could have known the secret, and so do I.

Granny had another story too- When she was a little girl, she had a wart in the center of her palm. Her Granddaddy told her to rub a penny on it and then hide the penny where no one could find it, and never look for it again. My Granny hid it in a hold in the post of the mail-box, and following her Granddaddy’s advice the wart fell off and never returned.

I also have a deep belief that my Great Grandma on my father's side, the late Fannielope "Shug" Forehand was a witch as well. I can just see her, stirring a pot, or gathering herbs. Keeping critter familiars. Shug could be easily compared to Granny Clampet from "The Beverly Hillbillies". The rifle totin' granny sitting on her porch in a rocking chair. Making elixirs and watching the stars. It is from that side (my dad's) that I get my Cherokee heritage.

A natural witch then? You know what, I really think so. I seem to be having it on both sides. Things come naturally to me. I had results with my first time looking into the crystal... and from what I understand that is pretty rare.


I did a simple but involved spell today:

My dear friend and room-mate Dawna came home because she was sick with an upset stomach and vomiting. She was up all night and morning doing this, so I decided I would try something to help. I don't have a lot of supplies: a few stones (for personal use, an none I felt were good for the type of healing I needed to do), a handful of herbs, some oils, and me noggin. It's this last tool that I use the most, along with my soul.

I had her lie down in the floor and relax, breathe in and out evenly, and concentrate on where the pain was. Show me where the pain was. I lit some white sage in an abalone shell and anointed Dawna's forehead and stomach in certain places with the oil. Its Moon Child oil from Vintage Luna- sweet smelling and light. I don't believe the type of oil I used truly matters in what I did though. Any type of ritual oil would have been fine. I touched my fingertips with the oil to her stomach, and where some of the pain was (intestinal area); for a long while I just held my hands there, feeling out what was going on with her body, finding the pain and moving it up my arm. I let the sage burn (about 5 small leaves probably- perhaps less), blowing the smoke over her stomach, letting it take away what pain I couldn't.

Then I got serious. I started to make a scooping motion with my hands over her stomach, digging in lightly and dropping what it took out over the abalone and burning sage. I did this on three different points of her stomach. After that I lit a specific leaf and watched it. I watched it burn as I held my hand on Dawna's stomach, telling myself that by the time that leaf had burnt it's self out the ritual would be done and her pain would be gone.

I closed my eyes and chanted a simple, earnest prayer to Goddess Mari, asking her to help me in my work- aide her daughter of the sea with her healing work today. I told Dawna to relax and imagine herself at the beach on a calm day. I'm not sure how long I chanted, though I'm sure it wasn't too long. I sat up straight and set my right hand on my leg, knuckles touching my knee- palm cupped and open to the air. I was channeling the pain from Dawna's stomach, into my hand, up my arm and to the other open waiting hand. Waiting to collect the negativity into a tight little ball and blow it into the atmosphere. It didn't take too long for the heat to leave her body and get to my hand, my arm, and then to the other, waiting hand. I did this until I felt a ball of tight dark energy form into my cupped and waiting palm. I popped open my eyes and blew that ball away like one does suds in the bath-tub. I blew it over the sage's cleansing smoke and imagined it all disappearing out into the universe. I looked down at the abalone shell, and the leaf I was waiting for to burn was nothing but ashes.

It was done. As I will, so it shall be.

And it was.

Dawna felt better when we were finished, lighter and without pain. I'm still a beginner as far as the healing arts go, but knowing how much shamanic blood I have in me, I feel it’s something I need to practice and develop.