Merwyn Fae Stormwarden (merwynfae) wrote,
Merwyn Fae Stormwarden

Love and The Sea

Today, while writing about my top five movies I had an epiphany: I have not one goddess, but two. Like Love herself I had been blind to the obvious. How could a die-hard romantic like myself not worship at Aphrodite's alter? It usually feels more right to have two. Two works for me- two animal totems (cat and seal), two people in love, Two giant orbs in the sky, two goddesses to worship. Makes perfect sense. If I ever have children I would have two.

According to most legends, the goddess of Love was born from The Sea. It makes sense to me that epitome of love would be born from the esscense of emotion.

I don't think I'll worship Aphrodite as the Greeks did in time's past, but adapt my own way (As I have with The Sea), honoring her each day in my own ways. Love and The Sea have always been co-mingled for me in some way, I think I'm just paying more attention now.
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