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Love Spell and Ritual

I got sent home from work today because I forgot I scheduled myself off when I was dating Mike. From the time I got home until just now I’ve been very busy. I cleaned my whole room and bathroom, making it a sacred space so I could do my spell-work later in the evening. When I was almost done I went outside to get the vacuum and shining down on me between some trees was a lovely, fat, and orange-ish moon. It was like she was smiling down on me giving me her blessings.

Ritual Bath
This was my first ritual bath (or ritual for that matter), and I think I did alright for a beginner. I started by lighting candles all over my room and bathroom, killing all electric light. I then turned on my CD of the ocean waves and turned off all of my chat programs so as not to be disturbed. I filled the clean tub with warm water; once it was full I poured some sea salt into my cupped palm and dropped it in. I did this motion three times before I dipped my right hand in the water and swished it around, asking that my Goddesses and God please bless and purify the water of negative energy from my realm as well as theirs so that I may be clean and pure for my ritual. With my right hand I blessed my eyes, nose, lips, heart, breasts, belly, genitals, knees, and feet with the water before stepping into the bath and lying back. Because tonight’s ritual was dedicated to Aphrodite I used some of “Aphrodite’s Bath Brew” from Vintage Luna in the water as well. For a little while relaxed, focusing on my intent for the evening and feeling all negative energy and worry slipping from my body and mind into the bath. After that I washed all over with soap and rinsed with the blessed water. When I was finished I pulled the plug and let the water run out, not getting up until the bath was empy. I dried myself and moved over the alter.

Ritual and Love Spell
I don’t have any ritual robes yet, and am quite comfortable in the nude; so with the nature of the spell I was wishing to cast, going skyclad seemed all the more right. I had two candles already burning for my Goddesses and God, from these I lit a stick of China Rain incense (said to be good for love spells) and walked widdershins around my tiny circle (my alter is in a small intimate space between the back of my bed and the window) asking the spirits of fire and air to bless my circle and my workings of the evening. Next I added a bit of sea salt to my small ritual chalice that was already filled with purified water. I stirred this a bit with my finger for a moment before flicking a little of the water around my circle as well, asking the spirits of earth and sea to bless me as well. After that I took my wand in hand and made a circle above my head and around my feet asking Aphrodite, The Sea, and The God to bless my workings.

Once my circle was cast I kneeled down and drew a heart on my chest over my own heart with Mystic Blends’ “Come to Me” oil. I would actually use this scent as a perfume; it’s very floral with heavy notes of rose and night-blooming jasmine. I think lily is in there too, but there is no list of ingredients other than red rose petals. I fancy it a great deal. Then, I took out my male wishlist and ribbons. I tied a knot at the top so to keep them all together and started braiding them (a yard of each ribbon was used). While I was braiding I thought of my need for love and read my list aloud. When the ribbon was fully braided I tied a knot at the end to keep it's structure, and then knotted it six more times through the middle all the while focusing on my want for a true love to rival the greatest stories I’ve read and heard about through my life. When all the knots were tied I anointed the ribbon with rose oil as well, on each knot.

I released the four spirits I called to join me and thanked them for being there with me and blessing me with their presence. I did the same for my holy trinity. I anointed a small pink spell candle with rose oil and set it in a small heart-shaped holder. I set this in the center of my offering plate: a sea star shaped dish already filled with sliced limes and rose petals. After that I poured the salt water from my chalice then rinsed and dried it before putting back in its usual place on my alter. As I type this now the pink candle still burns, though it is but a nub. I dumped the ashes from the incense in dish as well. Tomorrow on the Full Moon I’ll return my offerings to the earth and bury them just outside my window.

Post-spell alter

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I’m wearing my braided and knotted ribbon around my wrist now, and will either wear it or carry it with me until my love comes along.

The ribbons

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