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Deep Within the Sea Witch's Grotto [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Merwyn Fae Stormwarden

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Lunar Correspondences [Sep. 17th, 2005|11:30 am]
Merwyn Fae Stormwarden
The Moon and Ritual

The position of the Moon determines and helps you choose the best time to perform certain rituals. What follows are some of the most current and useful correspondences. Here is some new and relative information you can use to guide you in your endeavors.

The Waxing Moon:
All rituals for cures.
Positive magic.
A good period for increasing love, prosperity, luck, growth, sexual desire, wealth.

The Full Moon:
To increase psychic gifts, extrasensory faculties and spirituality.
All invocations involving the lunar deities, spirits, fertility, transformation and prophetic dreams are favored.

The Waning Moon:
Best for exorcising negative influences, breaking bad habits, losing weight and getting rid of people whose influence is not beneficial in your life.

New Moon:
It is better to abstain from calling upon energies during the New Moon.

The Moon in Aries:
Good for increasing your authority and leadership. Traditionally, it was at this period that one called upon the gods of war.

The Moon In Taurus:
Good for practicing rituals pertaining to the purchase of a house, the acquisition of goods, an increase in your wealth and prosperity.

The Moon In Gemini:
Good for magic spells dealing with communication, public relations and writing.

The Moon In Cancer:
Good for honoring lunar deities, spells for protection of your home and its goods and for calling upon the familiar spirits for a peaceful family life.

The Moon In Leo:
Excellent for rituals and spells that affect an increase in your social role, courage and male fertility.

The Moon In Virgo:
Excellent for obtaining employment, increasing intellectual faculties and improving health.

The Moon In Libra:
A good time for spells dealing with creativity, justice, legal problems and acquiring a spiritual, karmic or emotive balance.

The Moon In Scorpio:
This is an excellent period for spells and rituals involving the regulation of sexual problems, accelerating psychic growth and for success in major transformations.

The Moon In Sagittarius:
Good time for voyages, displacements, sports activities and spells and rituals used to increase one's capacity to recognize the truth.

The Moon In Capricorn:
A good time for spells and rituals used for increasing ambition, recognition and career advancement; a favorable time for politics.

The Moon In Aquarius:
A time for increasing creative faculties, artistic direction, supporting freedom, friendship and ending harmful practices.

The Moon In Pisces:
Excellent time for spells and rituals dealing with dreams, discernment, all extrasensory faculties and musical and artistic continuations in general.

above borrowed from http://www.spelwerx.com