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For the past few months 11:11 has been haunting me. I would see it at work, home, out in public, in the car, everywhere. No matter where I went or what I was doing 11:11 followed me. I knew there was something significant about it, and googling "11:11" I discovered it was linked to supernatural happenings, luck, balance, and cycles. 1 is also my life path number according to numerology.

"11:11 - The bridge or transitional zone between the old energy world of duality and the New Energy world of Oneness. A wake-up/reminder call of the highest order... confirmation that one's spiritual/awakening journey is right on track."
~Allen Stacker

When I meet someone I feel is going to be special in my life I like to see how they relate to the love spell I did in 2005. I've not yet burned my ribbons and returned them to The Sea. The spell is still active, and as of yet has not come to fruition. I could be trying too hard here, but just for kicks I thought I would input the time I completed my spell (witching hour 9/17/05) and see how that linked up with Tim and I's first conversation. That night it had been 3 years and 15 days since I completed that spell- or more to the point, 1111 days.

Interesting, no?
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